BizTalk Consultancy Services

Athena InfoTech is a global provider of professional Microsoft BizTalk server services. Our highly-skilled consultants completely understand the requirement of making right decisions and are competent to fix the issues that might affect BizTalk solutions and in turn your revenues. We ensure highest quality of services by hiring the best BizTalk contractors in the industry and providing you a better value for your BizTalk investment.

With the BizTalk 2013 solution, you can achieve a major breakthrough in the context of your businesses communications. It involves integrating disparate applications and systems with a single freely independent, reusable, and centrally directed layer to realize overarching potential, which helps to smoothen the communication by doing away with several point-to-point communication procedures. Communication protocols, rich adapters, bridges to AppFabric, enterprise service buses, in addition to linking with the cloud based applications enable the business to achieve the requisite functionality rapidly complying with applicable industry standards, and incorporating on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

We provide a complete basket of server implementation and integration solutions, for BizTalk 2010, 2013 as well as other versions, which are flexible, affordable, and instantaneous. Following are some of our core practice areas.

  • Full development life cycle
  • Architectural consulting
  • Development of Orchestrations, Schemas, Maps, Pipelines
  • Development of Custom pipeline components, adapters etc.
  • Performance tuning including high throughput and low latency
  • Production reviews
  • High availability & Disaster recovery
  • BizTalk Installation and Clustering

Our BizTalk contractors are experienced in designing complex enterprise class solutions and this makes us one of the most preferred companies across the globe.

Our technical understanding coupled with our years of experience is matchless. We pride in offering quality services at pocket-friendly prices. With our 24 X 7 support, you are sure to perform faster and better.