Customer Success Stories


Trust Integration Engine


In a complex environment like healthcare, systems integration is high on the information technology agenda. The continuing need to share and incorporate data from disparate systems to produce a useful patient record is a challenge that all health communities are determined to meet.

To meet the increasing demands for trust integration that can exchange HL7 messages across various disparate set of clinical and management IT applications, GSTT decided to develop a state of art TIE (Trust Integration Engine) based on BizTalk Platform.

The scenario

Athena InfoTech’s expert consultants were called to build this integration engine that can do all these along with having a growing library of key trust-based application and their pre-built interfaces.

Go live’ dates were on the horizon to meet trust targets and the project faced some crucial challenges that consumed a lot of team’s effort and time. Here are a few issues that Athena InfoTech’s team had to overcome while building this integration engine.

  • Achieving FIFO using Sequential convoys to ensure messages are processed in order as they arrive in BizTalk.
  • As the volume was high, MLLP adapter had performance issues while sending acknowledgements. This was resolved by getting a Microsoft patch and performance tuning on BizTalk platform.
  • We faced major issues developing BizTalk mapping for ORC, OBR, OBX records while sending messages to systems like Pathnet , ICM and IPM. We had to use custom XSLT mapping to make sure we can achieve complex mapping in most efficient manner.

“Brainstorming for over 4 months was a real challenge for us but our optimistic team continued its effort. Over the entire period of this project, we had our fingers crossed. The day this integration engine was put live, we felt as if we are on cloud nine”, says Mr. John, Program Manager.

“The ‘never say die’ attitude that our team follows while serving our clients was the major contributor towards our success. We pride about this unique creation of ours,” says CTO, Athena InfoTech.