Free BizTalk Health Check

If you have installed the BizTalk application for your business enterprise, then it is imperative to take care of the maintenance of the environment to make sure it is healthy and devoid of any loopholes. This will make it possible for you to get a fine synopsis and protection when the matter is of scalability and safety of the BizTalk installation. The BizTalk Server Health Check is designed to help identify key areas of risk that might impact your organization now or in the future.

Athena InfoTech Ltd. has designed an extensive BizTalk health check program for the business organizations. Our experts examine the complete BizTalk server deployment environment, traces any problems and offer valuable suggestions for effective BizTalk server performance. Sound solutions are provided for the most serious findings in regard to the Microsoft BizTalk server deployment.

The BizTalk Server Health Check can help you to

  • Maintain maximum efficiency.
  • Reduce support costs.
  • Use practical recommendations.
  • Help identify key risk areas.

How the Health Check Works
When you sign up for the Microsoft BizTalk Server Health Check, a BizTalk Server engineer schedules your on-site evaluation. During the evaluation the engineer will run extensive diagnostics, perform an operational interview, and analyze the collected data. The on-site engineer will deliver the final report.

Phases of the BizTalk Health Check

Part I: Data Gathering

Schedule conference call with customer to ensure all parties are prepared for the on-site visit.

Discuss prerequisites for on-site visit. Configuration data collection includes:


  • Identify possible bottlenecks that might happen during normal traffic loads and operating hours.
  • Analyze general and environment-specific BizTalk Server configurations.
  • Check event logs.


  • Establish backup, restore, and disaster recovery policies.

Network Architecture

  • Review general architecture to consider server performance and reliability.


  • Evaluate key architectural

Part II: Data Analysis and Reporting
After completing the health check, the collected information is analyzed. A report is compiled with the findings, including the description of risks and recommended mitigation procedures. AI will also provide a scorecard on different aspects of the health of your BizTalk Server environment. If time and internal processes delay the resolution of problems, further assistance can be scheduled for a later date.

Help Maintain Maximum Efficiency
The Microsoft BizTalk Server Health Check uses knowledge of the our industry experts. Gaining access to this in-depth expertise can help you reach your highest BizTalk Server performance and stability goals.

Help Reduce Support Costs
The BizTalk Server Health Check helps uncover vulnerabilities in your BizTalk Server infrastructure and operational processes. The health check diagnostics reveal the causes of problems, not just the symptoms, helping you to take a proactive approach and resolve issues before they affect users and drive up support costs.

Use Practical Recommendations
The BizTalk Server Health Check provides practical solutions for each of the identified risks, to assist you in operating an enterprise deployment. These recommendations on operations, configuration, and architectural issues help you get the most from your BizTalk Server deployment.

When the on-site Server health check is finished, we will provide a detailed report concerning the BizTalk Server performance and the entire Server environment. This takes account of the key issues with the Server applications and advice for handling these issues and enables you to make well-versed decisions for immediate and prospective business needs.